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IN HER VOICE - Keyes To Sonshine

A Little Bit of Honey

Sweet like Sunday morning, my grandmother we all called Honey. Visits with her were always my calm to the world’s chaos. Often taken place on the porch in her favorite rocking chair. She would share years of wisdom, sealed with Gods promises. Often reminding me that I may be in this world, but not of this world. A few years ago she passed me something that I’ve cherished til this day, my grandfathers bible. I get excited as I go through and find scriptures underlined with notes from her and my grandfather dated throughout it. She was preparing me, even now that God has called her home those strong roots will continue to grow and  help me navigate not just through my life but for generations to come. Which brings me to this section, she always had a little nugget a gem to share and its in those words I was able to get through a lot of hard days in life. So here are some keys to encouragement.

"Learn how to dance in the rain, even if it’s mixed with tears "

Alex Elle

"I have to love myself before I extend myself"

Tamar Braxton

"Stop trying to build blocks on an uneven foundation"


"We cannot grab the new way of living, while we still have fists and eyes closed, stuck in the old way"

Arielle Estoria

"Everyday is my day 1"

Chrystal Evans Hurst

"Without a purpose, life is motion without meaning, activity without direction, and events without reason"

"You’re not a burden you’re and experience"

"Focus on the vision, not on the conversation"

Keion Henderson

"Once I got over my normal being disrupted it brought me back to my core, the reason why I started. It’s doing it even when it feels awkward"

Sarah Jakes Roberts

"Embrace the space you’re in"

Chrystal Evans Hurst

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