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Learn for Less - Keyes To Sonshine

Learning Tools have been trial and error. One place I love exploring for new tools is Dollar Tree. From creative crafts to easy practical books, $1.25 is easier to swallow if it doesn’t work out. 

We do have a fluid school routine. I try and spend at least 45 minutes of school time; however, we constantly implement and pivot along the way as I discover new things. 

Reading is something that Asher naturally gravitates to, but fine motor skills are something we have been exploring more these days. 

Below are a few of my favorite finds:


One thing I love is starter scissors. I can relax knowing these can’t hurt those precious fingers. He can explore cutting while, I explain, scissors are sharp.

Another thing is a lined dry erase board. It’s the perfect size to practice handwriting. I don’t know about you, but the lines also help me demonstrate better handwriting for him .lol

They have a ton of activity books, some pages I freely give for him to color, but when it’s something I think we can get multiple uses out of, I slip the page inside this clear cover and give him a dry erase marker and voila, it can be reused.

Flashcards are also great. They have a wide variety of cards from words, animals, shapes, and numbers. Also, getting blank index cards and writing words/numbers are quick learning tools.

Construction paper, glue, and colorful pompoms are something we can never have too much of.

Also, colorful popsicle sticks. It’s a pack of fun for only $1.25! We do many things with these, from patterns to making shapes.

Lastly, we love is Crayola playdough. We make alphabets out of them, allowing him to use his hand coordination while having fun and exploring a new texture.

Click here to download the ABC Tracing page we use: 

Any printing paper should work, I suggest laminating the pages, or the playdough will stick to the page depending on the type you use. Laminating pages will also allow you to use dry eraser markers so you can get even more use out of these printouts.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite finds, from learning tools to everyday items, for all of my Dollar Tree lovers. Leave a comment below 🙂

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