The playground is the ultimate mingling place, especially for Asher and I. Usually, depending on the time of day we go, it helps the possibility of us running into other stay-at-home families.

Recently we both had a significant interaction with another family. He played well with the kids; the mother and I had brief moments. Kids’ interactions are a lot easier. They walk up fearlessly to each other and sometimes, without words, start playing with one another. I admire that. Adult interaction is more challenging at times. I don’t know about you, but I’ve wanted to ask other parents for a playdate, but after overthinking and distractions, most of the time, it doesn’t happen. This particular time my friend pushed me out of my comfort zone and suggested I ask the mom for a playdate. I’m grateful she did. I noticed once I asked, everything flowed so well.

Our playdates have gone well. However, always getting out of the house as lovely as it is, I love home playdates.

So now here’s the big question, When do you take the playdate to the next step and see if they want to come to your house to play?

I have discovered in parent conversations that parents’ playdates are essential. Yes, the kids need to interact, but I know that even before the kids could interact, I yearned for connection.

Do the hard thing and ask them on a playdate. It might even go from the playground to homebound, and there goes your community, growing just like you.

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