The moment I walked past something on the floor and was too tired to pick it up, it awaited me the next day. That was the day I realized I was waiting on someone, and I was that someone. Now that has some poetic feel, but sometimes, when I’m tired, the lyrical flow could land better. lol

However, I genuinely pride myself on the time and attention I put into my house. But in total transparency, sometimes I felt overlooked or that the little things I was doing were just that. I didn’t realize how much this affected me until my son’s father put his new big-boy bed together, excited for this new chapter. Every time he would get in his bed at night, he would talk about this bed his dad put together. After a while, I noticed this was bothering me. Then there goes the shame. Am I expecting my toddler to validate what I do for him? Talk about “parenting shame.”

I knew this wasn’t an Asher problem but a Mommy problem. I had to sit and get honest about combatting this internal issue. Shortly after, Asher received a train set, and I knew this was my moment. I pulled those pieces out, and Asher and I put that set together. The feeling I got once I saw all those pieces come together and the train went around the track, with Asher’s voice filled with excitement, is a moment that will quiet that inside chatter of validation anytime it tries to come up.

Now I can return to  letting his dad put things together. lol

We all need validation in some form, and I hope you know that’s okay. Sometimes, some of the things we do won’t get acknowledgment, and that’s okay too. Still, I hope you find that one thing that will combat that inner voice that might tell you that small things don’t matter because all those little things add up to something bigger.

I hope it lights your heart up when you stand back and see whatever your train set might be going around the track for the first time.

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