God is and always has been around. The question I often wonder is did I just choose to not acknowledge his presence before?

My spiritual journey has been a walk, run, jog, and pause a time or two. As life continues to move forward I now see during the good, bad and in-between this is one relationship that continues to be worth the intention and investment. We have had the hardest fights but have had some amazing life-changing celebrations as well.


How I once perceived the bible and how I should hear God’s voice, is funny now that I think about it in hindsight. I believe just like any relationship ours is unique.

Once I opened the box I put Him in our relationship changed. From prayers, I prayed in secret, then a stranger saying something that confirms the very thing I prayed about. I believe that is the secret sauce. It’s being open to him truly being in everyone and everywhere. That has opened a door for me to hear and receive Him. I see now more than ever how two people can hear the same message and walk away from it with two different perspectives. We all tend to customize what is heard so it fits our needs, wants, and desires. What we allow our minds to receive is what we will be open to hearing.


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