I don’t know about you, but It’s easy to watch how other kids are in specific environments and assume those parents have it together. But as I continue to be open to having honest conversations with other parents, I have learned to give myself more grace, and as I say that to myself, I’m saying that to you right now. GIVE YOURSELF GRACE. I’m learning to be proud of myself for being mindful of what I might not know and taking the time to figure it out. Taking time to understand the best way to do something takes work and research time; it can be a lot mentally. SO WAY TO GO!

Not until an interaction acted out in front of my face and a matter of a blink did my heart stop. The fear in my heart and the confusion on my sonshines face made me realize that there was work and conversations to have. I walked away from this interaction with so much gratitude because the act of a stranger highlighted an area I needed to work on with him.

Trying to parent a child is constant work, mental and physical. This post encourages you to discuss stranger danger with your little ones and be open to receiving teachable moments. Those moments might come from a stranger. As much as I want to be superwoman in his eyes, it’s often the learned moments from a stable position of receiving others’ opinions and knowing not every idea is criticism that allows me to obtain some great tips. So from a posture of love and gratitude, I hope you find this message helpful.

Watch the video below as I share about this encounter.

What has been a meaningful lesson that you have learned from an unlikely source or even a stranger?


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